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And Longer with this Simple Upgrade.

Over the past year our clients have been investing in their homes by making improvements. Home values have been increasing rapidly in the Phoenix area, so this is a smart investment.

One type of home improvement that we provide is converting interior and exterior lights to LED. Recently the affordability and diversity of LED lights has improved. There are numerous advantages to LED lights, for example the bulbs have a longer life span and are more energy efficient. The LED lights are dimmable and have a large range of colors which can be adapted for any mood. An additional benefit to LED lighting is that it can be programmed to work from a smartphone, directing lighting to specific locations and changing colors.

We have completed numerous recessed can LED retrofits with fantastic results. One issue with retrofits, however sometimes, is that existing dimmers are not compatible with the new LED lights. The additional dimmers result in an extra expense for the homeowner.

Please let us know if you would like more detailed information on how to add LED lighting to your home.

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