PhD Contracting Corner

The World of Home Building & Remodeling Simplified

Everyone seems to be talking about technology, and the home building industry can be included in the discussion; with the rapid increase in innovations. Home technology is cross-generational from retirees to first-time home buyers. Smart phones are keeping us connected to all areas of our home and homeowners are enjoying the convenience of smart applications and personal assistant technology like Alexa. At this time, new homes have few land lines and fewer hardwired security systems, speakers and cable boxes. In addition, new technology is more affordable and much easier to install and operated than ten years ago.

Homeowners can easily have their entire home connected with technology, including everything from phones, HVAC, appliances, lighting, shades, and security. Fifteen years ago these items had to be hardwired and built-in at the beginning of new construction, which could be an expensive undertaking and sometimes after a few years many technology systems became outdated. Today, almost everything is wireless, making for easy installation and up-grades.

Now there are an endless amount of fun and innovative smart products for the home from refrigerators that let you know you are out of milk to smart toilets that are self cleaning and deodorizing. Many people really like the power tracking thermostats and automated light controls that help save energy and work from your phone. The future of home technology is enormous and is becoming a convenience that is expected.

Keith Pickering

Keith is the owner of Precision Home Development; and believes that his key to success is in the relationships he builds with his clients. Keith began his construction career 1999 with Classic Stellar Homes, a luxury home builder, where he was a construction manager in Scottsdale and Phoenix. The construction boom in Phoenix was occurring at this time, and sometimes Keith was managing as many as ten new home construction projects at once. The homes that he built ranged in size from 2,800-15,000 sq. ft. This experience gave Keith the tools to build a strong team of subcontractors through respect and reliability. Keith works closely with many of the exclusive design firms in Scottsdale, and has built homes and completed remodels though out the Phoenix area.