New Builds

The Dream Begins with Your Imagination!

For almost 20 years, PhD has built perfectly tailored custom homes at prices that won’t make you cringe. We’ve designed many floor plans over the years, but the floor plan is just the beginning. Our only limitations are your imagination.

We can build your dream home right where you want to be —whether you’d love to wake up to a mountain view, by the lake or in the best school district Arizona has to offer. Your family, style and budget are all a part of the design and build process. Building a custom home is a manifestation of yourself, and that means a lot to us because it’s important to you. No one builds a custom home the way PhD Homes does.

Why Build a Custom Home?

Many people think that a custom home may be outside of their budget. The reality is a well-designed and built PhD custom home can be priced better than an existing home and be built exclusively for you and your needs. Have some questions? We’re happy to reach out and discuss your thoughts and inquiries.

Made Just for You and Your Family

With a PhD home, you’re not limited to simply decorating rooms. Your custom home will encapsulate your vision and be an expression of yourself in ways you never realized. We’ll go over all of the smallest details with you, identifying all the materials that will make your home original and unlike anyone else’s.