PhD Contracting Corner

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Spring is here, and it seems like everyone is hanging out in the backyard thinking about how they can improve their surroundings. The phones have been ringing! We have quite a few clients inquiring about adding roof walk decks to there current home. The great thing about a walk deck is that you enjoy the scenery from all directions; it is an outdoor rooftop living room with a view.

Roof top walk decks can be complicated because the roof must be structurally reinforced to carry the extra weight of people and furniture. The first step is having a structural engineer look at the roof deck to determine the requirements needed for it to be strong enough. After understanding the framing needs, then the designing of the steps, decking, electric and railing begins. If you have an HOA, then walk decks may need to be approved by the committee.

Although the process of building a walk deck can be challenging, the results are extremely rewarding, especially when you are drinking a margarita and watching the sunset from your new walk deck!

Keep Building!