I believe that what is important as we head into this New Year is how to deal with change, and that focusing on minor issues such as the latest monthly color trend is not as important. As the world and life changes around us, we are constantly dealing with the problems and solutions presented by those changes. The home building industry is forever evolving and changing, which is one of the things that I love about construction — no day is ever the same! What is important is having the right attitude to deal with the challenges that face us. I try to face every challenge, and every change, with a little humor and an open mind.

I am attending the International Builder Show next week in Las Vegas, and I am extremely excited to learn about all the new changes and improvements in the home building industry. I hope to bring back new technology and products that I can use at Precision Home Development. I am a strong believer that one requirement for the success of PhD Homes is to stay current on all of the latest innovations that are being offered in the industry.

In particular, I am looking forward to learning what is new in the home automation, and cost saving efficiency building materials. I will keep you updated on the new and exciting products I discover at the show!

Keep Building!