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Happy New Year everyone! It is time to get back to work and see what is new and exciting for 2017. Wall coverings are an evolving recent trend in home design. Designers and homeowners are applying many types of unique materials on interior walls, and they look great!

The trend in wall coverings continues to emphasize texture and large graphics. Some designers that we work with have been asking for thick-painted, multi-colored textured walls with a little sparkle for dimension. The effect is breathtaking!

We also see many hand-crafted natural materials, such as grass cloth and wood veneer. Last week we installed paper-thin panels of wood bark to a bedroom wall. This installation was challenging, because it used a natural product. The sheets of bark vary in color making it difficult to achieve a uniform look.

Digital printing is used now in many different facets of design. It can be as simple as tile or wood graphic-paper applied to the walls or as advanced as a unique image that is applied to super-thin ceramic, creating a large graphic.

We also see many of our homeowners adding reclaimed wood, thin brick, and stacked stone to their walls for an added visual effect. Many of the wall-covering companies are experimenting with plaster, glass, and metal for a more unique custom wall.

In retrospect, there is always something as simple as straight paint. The color trend is moving away from the color grey to the color Poised Taupe, which Sherwin Williams declared was the color of the year. Precision Home Development is here to help you with any design or construction questions, so feel free to call me. Thank you for your continued support!

Keep Building!